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Many say that the statements about the virtues of a reason is not true. However, in this book the authors were thinking exactly the opposite. Religion and reason is something that can not be separated. Correct word sense, then that’s the word religion. But remember, the correct word sense, not the word passion. Because basically, reason and passion will go hand in hand. Even if we are not careful, then there will be a mistake about where and where reason and the passions. And more worrying of all, the dominance of the passions than by reason.

Examples of the use of reason is right according to the fool.

According to the smart people are one, is not feasible for someone to memgang and read the Quran without wudlu. According to a second smart people, not feasible for someone to hold and read the Quran without wudlu. Except Al-Quran translation. Which is more than the letter translated Arabic letters. According to the third wise man, someone to hold and read the Quran without wudlu legitimate. Wherein for each of the fatwa that they provide proof that they considered strong, and true.

then the question arises, where is the fatwa that we must follow ….?

Before we go prihal fatwa which we must follow, it would be nice if we know the appropriate actions for a Muslim to understand his religion.

Learn the religion. And this is the best. Although not necessarily get it right. Even if you’re not careful, we will waste time and energy to something that is not critical (mired in a futile thing). Why do I say this ….? Because indeed, Islam is not just a mere wudlu. Many others that we learn and we must do. How do we wash face, how we wash the head, and so forth. How do we pray, not to mention the parts. How do we fast, halal and haram, pilgrimage, social, economic, and so forth.

A preacher said, in ancient times there was a dog who ngikutin group of preachers in Islamic mensyi’arkan. When the preachers were ditimpukin, then the dog and even then joined ditimpukin. When the preachers were in gebukin, as well as a faithful dog. Even the dog was also involved in verbal, verbally, in sambit and so forth. Anyway, what the preachers were received, then the dog and even then come to accept it.

So what happens then ……?

Preachers who followed the dog, it became one among the few animals that will be to heaven. He says ……!

And he said, the preacher said. “Just a dog that faithfully follows the cleric he could go to heaven. Moreover, we as humans …..! ”

And I said, “if the dog does so, but the man still also have to be that, if it were so, what is the difference between humans and dogs ……?

Use reasonable

Core rather than live in this world is looking ridho_Nya Allah. Therefore, use your mind to it. And it would appear from the breakdown of the ruling in the case above.

The first smart people say that someone who wanted to read Al-Quran and its translation must have wudlu first. And if we look, there are sins here. That is, when we dare to hold and read the Quran without wudlu.
The second smart people say that someone who wanted to read Al-Quran should have ablution, except Al-Quran and its translation. And even this fatwa provide sin for someone to hold and read the Quran without ablution.
And the third wise man said that someone who reads the Koran hedak let alone hold it do not have to perform ablutions before. Which I can see, there is no sin that is available on this third opinion. Because it is, ablution or not, will not harm us as Muslims.

Therefore, try to seek Allah ridho_Nya. And trying hard to stay away from sin that might arise. That way, berwudlulah before handling or reading the Quran. Because that’s the best way though is not necessarily true. And we also all know, akallah who said so. Not lust or science.

And so would this line of thought of this book. Which we find in it many cases similar to the above case.

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