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In this world, no one is as good as the owners of the company called PT. INDONESIA RAYA. They (the owners) founded the company, not for the welfare of their life as the owner. But …, as the saying goes, hand over hand better than below.

Therefore, almost all the inhabitants of this world want to work on PT. INDONESIA RAYA. Any costs incurred by those people (who want to work on PT. INDONESIA RAYA), no problem. Because the work at the company, seemed to have become a guarantee for their future. Because it is with our work on the PT. INDONESIA RAYA, we’ll get a variety of facilities and services as follows:

as long as we have already registered as an employee at the company, then automatically, our future will be assured until we THE END later. Because what ….? because there are officials at the company, which is actually a belief rather than the owner of the company, did not apply a good work ethic. For example:
we as workers, not productive or not, no problem. an important entry. We as workers, would not want to go up as well, which is important both as supervisor.

Why is that ….?

Because it is important to the company’s procedures. A principal in the company ‘that will give way to his subordinates work. For example, the marketing and the production of this should be so. The problem with the final result than the production and marketing was not going to be a problem for them (company officials). Want to drop the marketing of their products or not qualified, it will not matter. Because the point, the procedure has been on the run. And whether the same boss of course.

We as workers must not be afraid of, even though its disadvantage. Because what ……? because if we do wrong, for whatever our mistakes, so pardon them (the boss) will be greater than our mistakes …..! (Rich in God alone …… yah!). Because at best, if we make a mistake on the part of marketing, we will miss the staff moved the office, or …., if we make a mistake in one division, then we’re moved to another division.
During our work on the PT. INDONESIA RAYA, we must not fear the owner of the company. Because if one, then the boss we’ll cover it. Should’ve known kadong same owner, then the boss we would be best to defend us as subordinates.
And finally, the company that we do not work, but to serve. A beautiful and delicious word in the hearing.
With an official at PT. INDONESIA RAYA, we can determine for themselves, the amount of salaries and facilities that we will receive. Even if the money the company could not be inadequate, then they will borrow to outside parties on behalf of the company. Therefore, officers and employees of PT. INDONESIA RAYA rich, and the owner of the company heavily in debt.
Provisions imposed on the company officials, together with the provisions given to their subordinates. Because they themselves are making provisions. What does it mean ….?


When we served as director of marketing, it is important for us is how we work according to existing procedures. It increased its marketing problem or a baseball it will not matter. Because we’ve been able to enjoy as are salaries and facilities has been provided by the company.

For the official PT. INDONESIA RAYA, company owners, just as they consider funding. How they (company officials), what they provide to companies is not something that is important. The important thing is, what is given to those companies.
And this is the most comfortable I guess, the owner can not judge their performance as an officer of the company. If allowed, the owner of the company, must go through different procedures for their own natural laws. And of course they menguntungakan as corporate officers.

Afterwards I had read the description above, I am so confused ….. There ya ko …, a company like that …..! I pity the same owner of the company. If only there in Indonesia, of course I want to work there.

But unfortunately … it was just my wishful thinking alone. Since it is unlikely that such companies will have in this country. Because this country is very glorifying owners. Someone who works at the company in this country, will not get a salary and the company’s facilities if they are not able to provide something meaningful for the company. Just take a look at our country, the officials of this nation, so know yourself. They sat in the administration and council to serve, instead of working. Therefore ……, they will be paid by the state in accordance with finance in this country. They (the officials of this country) never ask for more. Even if the country is financially not good anymore, so they are willing to not get a salary and facilities of the country. Because what …..? because their purpose is to serve. Not looking for money …..! therefore, there is no way that companies such as PT. INDONESIA RAYA in this country.

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